Google Marketing Next 2017

Last week was the Google Marketing Next 2017. Here is a recap of the main takeaways that I thought are nice to share!

1. AMP landing pages for ads

You know those links you see on Google and Facebook that load almost instantly?

You will now be able to do the same with Ads! Want to know how it works and how to get started? Click here

2. Google Attribution announced

Google Attribution will make it easier to know what worked across your marketing channel during a buyer’s journey. This is done by connecting the data across Google products

This is available now in beta for some people and will roll out to everyone in the coming months

3. YouTube location extensions

That means address/map location, hours, photos, call buttons and other information

will soon be available for YouTube ads

4. Youtube remarketing lists are now available to be used on google search

That means you can target users who have seen your video ads when they are searching in Google Search network. This way you can warm up cold/new audiences by showing them your videos and build a valuable first contact with them in an economical way (cost per view on youtube is very low) and then promote your products when they are typing similar keywords on the search network and their intention to buy is higher.

5. In-market audiences available to search ads

Advertisers will be able to target users based on purchase intent signals in

Search campaigns for more than a dozen categories.

You can see Google’s announcements keynote here:

Alex Kokolis — Performance Marketing Expert