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  • Matthew Clementson

    Matthew Clementson

    Product Manager @ Shell Digital Ventures — Ex OVO— Digital Support, Virtual Assistants, B2B & B2C Energy — Always learning & interested in all things Tech.

  • Theodoros Moulos

    Theodoros Moulos

    Theodore has 25+ years of experience in running successful and profitable software products. Currently, he is the Group CEO of Viral-loops and GrowthRocks

  • Vincent Magaline

    Vincent Magaline

    Head of Growth at Queue Technologies @Queueat, former CMO @RebrandlyBuzz, founder CEO CMO @monidotai. MBA @asobggu, BA @UCSantaBarbara. Bay Area Native

  • James Ross Treacher

    James Ross Treacher

  • Katerina Morakey

    Katerina Morakey

  • Neeraj Mahajan

    Neeraj Mahajan

  • Saurabh Anand

    Saurabh Anand

    I work on the browser with a fiery tail

  • Dimitris Chaldezos

    Dimitris Chaldezos

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