• Md.Anower Morshed

    Md.Anower Morshed

  • Evangelos Karapetsas

    Evangelos Karapetsas

    Co Founder at AnotherCircus.com / Founder at www.neilthelittleexplorer.com

  • Matthew Clementson

    Matthew Clementson

    Product Manager @ Shell Digital Ventures — Ex OVO— Digital Support, Virtual Assistants, B2B & B2C Energy — Always learning & interested in all things Tech.

  • Savvas Zortikis

    Savvas Zortikis

    Entrepreneurship, life lessons, startup growth. Co-founder & CEO @ViralLoopsHQ.

  • Sylva Gerondi

    Sylva Gerondi

  • Sotiris Sirmakezis

    Sotiris Sirmakezis

  • Panos Kondylis

    Panos Kondylis

    Growth Marketing Professional helping businesses increase their omnichannel revenue using SEO, Performance Marketing, CRM, Advanced Analytics & CRO tactics.

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