The New Way to Market Your Business

When was the last time you truly looked at a billboard? What about an advert on the side of a bus? Traditional advertising methods are steadily losing popularity, and for a good reason — everything is online now. Any business that wants to grow and reach new customers should be looking towards the future of digital advertising and marketing: performance-based advertising.

But how can performance-based online advertising really help your business?

What You Need to Know About Performance-Based Advertising

There are two approaches in digital marketing.

In the first, you throw your adverts out there and hope that something works. While…

After working for 9 years in advertising and 6 years in performance marketing, I have come to the belief that if a brand is to increase sales and have an all-time impact it is imperative that it establishes an emotional connection with users and potential customers. This is a safe assumption that one can certainly use to their benefit in order to support SEO and PPC campaigns, while it can also affect keywords. How?

There’s always been a debate –not to mention endless digital marketing meetings- on whether it’s better to use branded or non-branded keywords. But what is really…

Last week was the Google Marketing Next 2017. Here is a recap of the main takeaways that I thought are nice to share!

1. AMP landing pages for ads

You know those links you see on Google and Facebook that load almost instantly?

You will now be able to do the same with Ads! Want to know how it works and how to get started? Click here

2. Google Attribution announced

Google Attribution will make it easier to know what worked across your marketing channel during a buyer’s journey. This is done by connecting the data across Google products

Alex kokolis

Digital Marketing Strategist

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